Cavigar. Design & Forniture for public & business premises

Welcome to Cavigar's website. Our business is specialised in the designing, furnishing and equipping of public spaces and businesses' premises. A-50 years tradition

Latest achievement

arredamento bar Acquaviva uk

Acqua Viva - Bodio Lomnago (Va)

arredamento bar Fashion Cafe

Fashion Cafe - Mantova

arredamento gastronomia S. Anna

Grocery shop/tasting "S.Anna" - Poviglio (RE)

arredamento Central Bar Erbe

Central Bar Erbè (Vr)

arredamento bar Synlab Cafe

SynCafè - Castenedolo (Bs)

arredamento bar Only Coffee

Only Coffee - Mantova - Italy

arredamento polleria gastronomia Delon (2)

Poultry-shop and gastronomy Delon (Verona)

arredamento gastronomia Dal Corso

Gastronomy Dal Corso - Sommacampagna (Vr)

arredamento bar L'Angolo Divino

L'Angolo Divino - Mirandola (Mo)

arredamento Forno Sgarbi

Forno Sgarbi, Quistello (Mn)

arredamento bar Pinchos

Pinchos Street Food - Verona

arredamento gastronomia non solo bufala

Gastronomy Non Solo Bufala - (MB)