Design and interior decoration of reception areas

Cavigar designs and installs fully finished interior decorating and furnishings for reception areas in structures such as such as hotels , camp-sites and residences and in general any area from the reception to the management offices, destined for receiving and welcoming clientele.

The choice of interior decoration in a reception area is an act of notable importance in that it involves the selection of furnishings and equipment which are able to confer further value to the image of the structure, creating an attractive and comfortable atmosphere both for the clients and for the personnel. For example, the reception area of a hotel is generally the first thing that a client sees on entering the building and it obviously gives him/her a first and fundamental impression of where he or she is going to stay. For this precise reason the reception must contain furnishings and decoration of the maximum quality, which highlight aesthetic factors but which are also highly functional, allowing the personnel full efficiency in the work space.

As far as the interior decoration of a management office in a structure intended to receive clients is concerned, the choice of the furnishing may be defined as more “emotional”, given that it must in some fashion transmit the management style of the person who holds decision making power within the structure itself. For this reason the solutions chosen for the design of a management office are highly subjective, even if style and elegance are two elements that must never be lacking.

Cavigar, a company that has worked in this market sector since 1957, prides itself on its long experience in the planning and installing of fully finished interior decorating and offers its services to any structure designed for the reception of clients in the planning of the most appropriate interior design solution; further it will create the equipment needed for the installation of the furnishings , up to and including the mounting of the said installation and the handing over to the client of the finished product.

By clicking on the next images it is possibile to view different furnishings and equipment solutions Cavigar has realised for a camping in Trentino, Italy.