Progettazione e Design

Design of corporates' spaces and businesses' premises

Cavigar takes care of the entire process of design of businesses’ premises and corporate ’spaces and to deliver a perfectly functional, ready-to-use product. Each project is an inventive realization in order to offer to our client an original, exclusive which is unique in its genre.

The design process of the business space is taken care of by one of the experts from the Design Department. It starts with a briefing with the client to allow the expert to understand from the very beginning the client’s specific needs. Then we proceed with an inspection of the premise that will host the business to propose to the client the best design solution and furnishing according to the available space, budget and client’s specific necessities.

The design process proceeds with the deployment of the most up to date interior design software so that it is possible for us to show to the client a detailed step by step 3D preview of the project (rendering). This allows the client to evaluate the final result in all its details before the beginning of the actual building process starts: the premise’s exterior, internal layout, furnishing and organisation.

After the client has approved the entire plan of work, a quote is made which encompasses all the work necessary to realise the proposed project. After the client’s approval of the quote, the very phase of realization can begin. Cavigar cooperates with trustworthy and qualified partners from the following sectors:

  • building
  • electric systems
  • hydraulic systems
  • carpentery


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