Grocery stores and gastronomies’ design and furnishing

Since its foundation in 1957, Cavigar deals with ready to use interior design solutions for grocery stores which used to represent the main point of reference where people shopped before the rise of modern retailing.

To furnish a grocery store, such as gastronomies, bakeries, butcher shops and fishmongers, means to satisfy two needs at the same time: on one hand to correctly preserve the food, to guarantee the quality and freshness, and on the other hand, to enhance the displayed products in order to encourage the customers to purchase them. Cavigar promotes customised furnishing and equipment solutions for grocery stores which can effectively accommodate the above mentioned requirements.

By clicking on each one of the images below it is possible to view different furnishing and equipment solutions Cavigar has realised for some food stores in the north of Italy, in the countries of Italy, Switzerland and Germany.