Professional kitchens

Cavigar plans and realizes professional kitchens for restaurants, with the “turnkey” formula. With over 50 years experience in the sector of furnishing and decor of premises open to the public, amongst which are restaurants, pizza places and Italian-style eateries, Cavigar is a specialist in the planning and decorating not only of the areas destined for the clientele but also those in which the preparation and the cooking of the dishes takes place.

The Cavigar planning staff, once it has carefully ascertained the needs of the client, elaborates plans for restaurant kitchens in relation to the structure of the premises, based on the advice of centres for specialist instruction, like the catering and hospitality colleges, which are able to offer us consultancy at a high level.

Cavigar’s planned professional kitchens are made with equipment supplied by the best manufacturers on the market to create for you a top quality product that combines the budget available, the needs of the client, functionality and design to the maximum.