Specialized Shops

Cavigar plans and designs turnkey specialist shops and sales points, in the non food sector as well dealing with the supplying, mounting and assistance with equipment.

Specialist shops and, in general,all sales points in the non food sector , such as jewellers , costume jewellry and accessory shops , healthcare etc are premises that must show off the products on sale in the best possible way. Accurate planning and a decor able to highlight the quality of the products on sale become essential elements in order to impress the client most favourably. In fact, it must be remembered that the purchase by a consumer of non food goods , perhaps of a certain monetary value , often does not take place on the first visit to the sales point but on a successive one after a pondered decision. Thus it is that the decor, layout and design of the shop become important elements in creating trust in the potential client.

For this reason the Cavigar Planning Office, composed of a staff of experts in architecture and interior design, is at the disposal of the proprietors of specialist shops and sales points to find the best solutions for the furnishing of their business premises, in relation to the product sold and the client target. The translation of this presentation is available in French and Spanish on the website.