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Does Cavigar supply free estimates?

Of course! Cavigar is at your service and will provide a free estimate, with absolutely no obligation, for the planning and furnishing of any type of premises open to the public.

How to install a restaurant kitchen?

The choices involved in installing an industrial kitchen depend first and foremost on the dimensions of the restaurant.

How is a premise planned and designed?

The planning of any place of business open to the public, be it a bar or a restaurant, a newagents or a clothing store , is made up of various phases.

How to layout a home-made icecream shop?

A home-made icecream parour has to have a specific workshop or kitchen area in which to produce the icecream, starting from the individual ingredients (milk, eggs, fruit, etc ).

What does “all found” or “all inclusive” mean ?

In general the terms “all inclusive” or “all found” mean handing over to the client something that is ready to use, functional, “keys in hand” as it were; the same applies to a business open to the public.

How to furnish premises?

The choice of furnishing premises open to the public inevitably depends on the format of the business itself ( bar, icecream parlour, restaurant , bakery, clothing store…..). However, in general, a first differentiation could be made by distinguishing beween premises that serve food and businesses that operate outside the food sector.

What is a rendering?

Rendering is a 3D image which has definition of the graphics comparable to real life - the aim of rendering is to show the client what the premises will look like in detail.


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