realizzazioni ristoranti

Restaurants and pizzerias' design and furnishing

Cavigar designs and builds turnkey furnishings for restaurants and pizzerias. The design and interior decoration of a restaurant or pizzeria are processes which require competence and professionalism, as the environment and the atmosphere have to mirror the management policy of the business, while respecting special and budgetary constraints. Cavigar’s Design Department, made up of a staff of experts in architecture and interior design, is able to provide customised furnishing solutions for restaurants and pizzerias in relation to their distinctive characteristics such as location, menu and targeted customers.

The client can give indication of all the pieces of furniture which will be part of the the final interior decoration. In fact, Cavigar’s Design Department makes use of modern interior design software which provide a 3D pre-view of the different solutions. After having chosen the best interior decoration solution together with the client, the 3D image of the project will be built on the arranged premise and ready to be used by the client as a functional environment with high aesthetic value.

By clicking on each of the images below it is possible to view some of the different interior design schemes realised for different restaurants and pizzerias in the North of Italy, in the countries of Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

Ristorante-Pizzeria Rendez Vous - Rodigo (Mn)
Ristorante-Pizzeria Rendez Vous - Rodigo (Mn)
Ristorante Bacco d'Oro - Mezzane di Sotto (Vr)
Ristorante Bacco d'Oro - Mezzane di Sotto (Vr)
Restaurant "Alpina 1954" - Pedavena (BL)
arredamento ristorante Antica Fiera - Bergamo
Restaurant "Antica Fiera" - Bergamo
Ristorante “Dal Corso” - Sommacampagna (Vr)
Restaurant “Dal Corso” - Sommacampagna (Vr)
Restaurant "Montebabbio" - Castellarano (RE)
Restaurant "Il Camino" – Landau an der Isar (Germany)
arredamento ristorante Il Trifoglio - Revere
Restaurant "Il Trifoglio", Revere (Mn)
Restaurant L' Anfora - Trento
Restaurant L' Anfora - Trento
Risto-pub La Galleria & Co
Risto Pub "La Galleria & Co" - Bagnolo San Vito (Mn)
bar furniture Trento Kitchen Coffee Doppio Zero
Kitchen Coffee Doppio Zero - Trento

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