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Relocating the business to other premises

When a business has to move, tied to finding a commercial premises that is either more economical or more attractive, or more functional, the first thing that comes to mind is how to recover what is strategic or useful from the old premises.

Such considerations are very important, but there are many factors that must be assessed and these cannot always be resolved by a simple move from one place to the next. Whether we are dealing with components of the furnishing, or appliances and equipment or the reconditioning of part of the old premises, they have to be integrated into the new reality: to do so the technical solutions that Cavigar is able to ensure its clients take into account the many facets of the problem, such as the renewal of upholstery and finishings, as well as the recovery and renovation of equipment and complementary furnishing elements.

Therefore the assessment of the whole supplied by Cavigar takes on the aspect of consultancy able to assimilate and integrate the old with the new in a layout that can find the best synthesis of all the elements to consider amongst which are:

  • Evaluating the new commercial and craft spaces
  • Assessing the “old” decor and the “old” appliances and equipment
  • Study, analysis and evaluation of the new set up taking what can be recovered into consideration
  • Fiscal consulting to optimise the investment
  • Consulting and support in respect of eventual funding or tax exemptions and bonuses relative to the purchase of new decor and/or appliances and equipment with energy savings or benefits to the environment
  • Presentation of primary planning
  • Assessment with the client and virtual presentation of the project; • Economic and financial estimates

For such reason, Cavigar offers the following services to clients who are about to relocate their business:

  • space planning: the preparation and furnishing of the business’s new premise with the available equipment and pieces of furniture;
  • fiscal consulting, to assist the client in the fulfilment of the bureaucratic requirements related to the process of moving a commercial enterprise.

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