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Cookies are small text files that are downloaded onto the User’s device when he/she visits a website. At each successive visit the cookies are resent to the site that originated them (first party cookies) or to another site that recognizes them (third party cookies).Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize the User’s device. They have diverse aims, such as, for example, allowing the user to browse web pages efficiently, remember preferred sites, and, in general, better the experience of navigating the web. On the basis of the function and the scope of their use, cookies may be divided into: technical cookies, profiling cookies and third party cookies.


Technical cookies have the task of enabling functions without which full use of the site would not be possible. These cookies allow for the functioning of procedures based on plural passages (several successive pages, such as, for example, a request for contact) and permit keeping track of the user’s choice regarding the content of the site he/she has decided to view and the functions to enable or disable. A cookie of this type is further used to memorize the user’s decision on the question of consent to the use of cookies on our website. Please note, essential cookies may not be disabled using the site functions.

The category of technical cookies includes those used for statistical analysis of access or navigation on the site, which are also called “analytics”, and which only pursue statistical aims, gathering information in an aggregated form with no chance of anyone being able to trace the identity of the single users. Analytics may also be third party cookies (Google Analytics); for further information the reader is invited to consult the respective privacy policy of the relevant sites.


Profiling cookies have the aim of furthering good user experience of the site by suggesting similar content to the preferences shown by the user while navigating, on the basis of the content viewed and other behavioral parameters. The user may decide to disable the use of single cookies on the site by means of the apposite options on his own browser. In this case, however, some of the features of the site may no longer be available


The site uses some external functions or contains some links to outside sources with the aim of bettering the integration between third party sites in common use and the sharing of our site itself (share icon on Face book, Google, Twitter, etc.). Such functions and links may involve the use of third party cookies for which the user is referred to the specific privacy policy published on the single sites.

How to modify the cookie settings.

The majority of browsers automatically accept cookies, but normally the user can change the settings to disable this function. It is possible to block every type of cookie, or to accept only some types and de-activate others. The “Options” or “Preferred” sections of the browser menu allow the user to avoid both cookies and other user trace technology as well as to receive notification from the browser as to when such technology is active. Alternatively, the user may also consult the “Help” section of the toolbar present on the majority of browser sites.

Another alternative is to select the browser used from the following list and follow the instructions:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera.
From mobile devices:
  • Android;
  • Safari;
  • Windows Phone;
  • Blackberry
For further information on cookies and on how to deal with preferences as regards cookies (of first/third party type) the user is invited to consult the platform. Please note, however, that disabling navigation or function cookies may result in malfunction of the site and/or limitation of the service offered.

To request further information please see the Contact Us section of our site relative to the explanatory notes on privacy.

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