Gelaterie e pasticcerie

Ice-cream and pastry shops’ design and furnishing

Furnishing and setting an ice-cream or a pastry shop means to impart trustworthiness and genuineness on the premise. For this reason, Cavigar provides decoration solutions that assure, at the same time, the best functionality of the environment and high aesthetic value of the equipment so as to create a productive and pleasant atmosphere on the premise.

Ice-cream and pastry shops are particular environments where conveying the product’s quality to the customers is crucial. In such venues it is of primary importance to enhance the work that has gone into providing the products. The window displays and counters have to capture the client’s attention in order to entice them to purchase and consume the products.

By clicking on each of the images below, it is possible to view some of the design schemes and equipment created by Cavigar in different ice-cream and pastry shops in the north of Italy, in the countries of Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

Pastry shop De Rossi - Verona

Pastry shop De Rossi - Verona

Pastry shop Perbellini - Isola Rizza (Vr)
Pastry shop Perbellini - Isola Rizza (Vr)
Pastry shop Bisognin - Cologna Veneta (Vr)
Pastry shop Bisognin - Cologna Veneta (Vr)
arredamento gelateria Toldo - Lecco
Ice-cream shop Toldo - Lecco
Arredamento Pasticceria Le Sablon - Padova
Pastry shop Le Sablon - Padova, Italy
Ice cream “San Marco Eisboutique”, Rosenheim (Germania)
Ice-cream “San Marco Eisboutique”, Rosenheim (Germany)
arredamento pasticceria Mignon Ala - Tn

Pasticceria Mignon - Ala (Tn)

Pastry shop Stofner - Bolzano (Bz)
Pastry shop Stofner - Bolzano (Bz)
Ice cream shop Sader - Lana (Bz)
Ice cream shop Sader - Lana (Bz)
arredamento pasticceria perbellini
Ofelleria/Pasticceria Perbellini - Bovolone (Vr)
arredamento gelateria Lekka Lekka
Ice-cream shop Lekka Lekka - Asola (Mn)
Pastry shop Antica Dolceria - Brescia (Bs)
Pastry shop Antica Dolceria - Brescia (Bs)

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