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Businesses or shop's renovation

Nowadays, the renovation of a shop’s premise does not simply involve a change in the equipment of the furniture already belonging to the venue. The renovation of a space such as a bar, restaurant or a specialised shop requires professionalism and experience. Turning to Cavigar, the owner of a business who wants to renovate the premise can rely on a partner who offers more than fifty years’ experience in the sector of interior design and furnishing for shops and businesses.

Renovating a venue means regaining the available space and adapting it according to the client’s new requirements by applying the most up-to-date design concepts. Cavigar offers clients the following services:


As a rule a business open to the public renovates its decor every four or five years, to guarantee that even habitual clients have a perception of renewal, care and the continual bettering of image and service.

Certainly, refreshing the decor and updating the appliances and equipment presupposes maintenance which the rhythms of work and organisation do not always allow us to plan in a continuous fashion, but renewal and restyling does not necessarily signify re-doing the whole premises, but, instead, making creativity linked to technique central to the process, finding strength in ideas rather than in money. Since we believe that it is easy to understand how important it is to focalise on the topic, let us see which items can be taken into consideration in renovating /or re-modernising one’s own business

Reassessment of commercial space

Over the course of time a business premises may become no longer functional to the service and to the clientele that one is cultivating and therefore a reassessment of the spaces is necessary. With this aim in mind, it is possible to reorganise the areas with dividing walls, to add or remove service furnishings, create or recreate /modify settings and technical illumination.

Cavigar is able to support the businessperson in the study and digital reproduction of a renewed vision of the whole, personalising the decor solutions thanks to its own design and planning office and to the technical skills of its workshops.

New functions / enlargement

the evolution of the concept of service and the need to respond to the new needs of the client, can lead to assessing the enlargement of one’s commercial premises: this may be the case of a delicatessen that intends to create a serving area to supply a cold buffet service or an aperitif; or the opening by a pizzeria of a street counter to sell pizza slices or street food. In assessing the development of new functions, Cavigar, thanks to its experience and technology, is able to optimize the choices, both in considering the integration to the décor and in the assessing of the appliances and equipment and any necessary building work.

Panelling, floorings, hangings

The presence in a business open to the public of areas that are in a shabby condition or aesthetically unpleasing can today find satisfactory solutions introducing elements of great technical and aesthetic value. A counter that has become old, a wall to renovate, and a space to highlight: it is possible to intervene, assessment estimate in hand, through the application of renovating panels giving new life to existing structures, renewing the colour code as well as renewing the character of the decor and its accessories.

If the ceiling is too high, or is not enhanced by the lighting, there are possible solutions in which hangings matched with lighting completely revolutionize the room. If the walls detract from the premises and represent a flat space that takes away the personality of the decor, Cavigar is able to plan and design personalised solutions, extrapolating specific new functions...If an area of the premises needs to be diversified from the rest of the business, new flooring techniques may guarantee the effect.

Shop windows, external design, terraces, and outdoor seating areas

External visibility is one of the most important elements in attracting customers to a commercial activity. Cavigar has developed numerous external solutions over the years and has planned and designed systems of solar protection, techniques of setting up open air areas and specialised furnishing for clients who intend to make use of terraces and the earning opportunity offered by outside seating with the collaboration of diverse partners In this case a specialised contribution is necessary in order to obtain a vision of the whole, that knows how to pair up the need for visibility with communication signs and graphics ,complementary furnishings such as plants and flowers , furnishings and napery, service areas and external barriers as well as integration between the interior and exterior decor of the premises.

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