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Design and furniture since 1957

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A tradition lasting for more than fifty years: since 1957 Cavigar has passionately engaged in the design and realization of interior decoration and equipment of public premises and businesses. The funders, Mr Vittorino Garzon and Mr Carlo Cavicchioli from Castelbelforte, a small Council between the cities of Mantova and Verona in Northern Italy, aim to propose interesting choices in a sector with high development potential.

Started as a small entrepreneurial reality engaged in the manufacture of furnishings for businesses such as bars, restaurants and specialised shops, with the time the firm has enriched its range of services to the products’ marketing. As the years go by, the expertise and know how consolidate, the passion grows stronger and the aims of the heirs Nicola, Simone, Luca and Riccardo are those to lead their father’s business to new achievements. Thanks to the efforts of the new generation and to the incentives offered by the market, the business’s capacities have grown. Its range of offers has widened to continue the tradition of designing and furnishing with passion.

Today Cavigar is a specialised and leading firm in the sector of interior design, furnishing and equipment for businesses’ premises and specialised shops such as bars, gelaterias, patisseries, restaurants, pizzerias, gastronomies, groceries shops, bakeries, perfumeries, news agents, shoes and clothes shops.

Cavigar offers complete availability to the clients. The furnishings are customised and the shopkeeper’s needs are the starting point for all the planning. We design, create and furnish with and for the client. Since 1967 up to the present days Cavigar has been designing and furnishing hundreds of premises in the countries of Italy, Switzerland and Germany.