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Solar Protection Division

In the ambit of Cavigar’s prerogatives, anticipating the requirements of our clientele or taking responsibility for meeting specific needs has always been a fundamental asset .Hence the Solar Protection division arose from the need of the client to find solutions for the necessity to save energy, to protect shop windows with the need to find technical applications for blinds, shades and awnings that guarantee quality in the product, elegance in the material and practicality in the use. Cavigar’s experience and advice has accompanied the selection of partners that offer an itinerary of research and development that can put together innovation, price and flexibility of application The Cavigar Solar Protection Division proposes:

  • Roller blinds for interiors
  • Roller blinds for exteriors
  • Zipped awnings for outdoors
  • Horizontal blinds
  • Planning and creation of outdoor seating areas
  • Canopies
  • Patios
  • Pergolas
  • Porches
  • Retractable awnings

All the items are guaranteed and certified, and from the, and from the first site inspection to the installation the whole process can be personalised at any phase of the work .

The Cavigar Solar Protection Division is an intelligent solution for the furnishing of any setting, for energy saving and for protection from the sun or the division of any space. Using experience matured through the years and our merited success from today a new branch opens within Cavigar: the Solar Protection Division

What is the Solar Protection Division?

Cavigar's Solar Protection Division installs technical blinds for shops, bars and every other kind of commercial premises; specifically we install exterior sun blinds, roller blinds for inside premises, roller blinds with steel cables (usually for the facades of buildings) and zip curtains hermetically closed (usually used to close off porticos, pergolas, arbours and gazebos). All the sun blinds we install can be wound manually or electronically through a motor inside the roller tube itself. All the components of the blinds, including the cloth used and the motors, are made either in Italy or in Europe, certified and guaranteed. We use the modern technology of the SOLTIS® cloth (production method of the French firm Serge Ferrari®) a resistant, light, stable material which gives certified energy saving thanks to its high level of thermo-isolation and efficient protection from UV rays.

Why choose SOLTIS®??

SOLTIS® resists heat allowing for the stabilisation of inside temperature benefitting both private and public premises and allowing for an immediate saving in energy and lower levels of pollution.

All the material is accompanied by the specific detergents in the APCO CARE & CLEANING line the guarantee correct cleaning and maintenance in the material in acrylic e pvc.

The Solar Protection Division range of products is completed by traditional sun blinds , canopies, square awnings with rolling shutter boxes, penthouses, pergolas and outside areas (dehor).


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