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Turnkey furniture for businesses

By relying on Cavigar the business’s owner/client can expect to cooperate with a partner who has a gained a long and valuable experience in the sector of interior decoration and organisation of businesses’ premises. Cavigar offers customised and turnkey furnishing solutions building the client’s necessities into a functional working environment with high aesthetic value.

The Design Department is made up of professionals specialising in the field of architecture, building, and interior design. Such professionals work closely to the client who is given the possibility to evaluate the several possible furnishing solutions in a 3D realistic rendering beforehand.

The layout, organisation and the premise’s interior decoration have to conform to the specific space’s requirements with regard to location and dimension but also to the customer’s needs and price policy/budget. Together with the client, Cavigar analyses the objectives that the client aims to achieve with the business in order to create a furnishing solution which can effectively contribute to the customer’s business targets.

The Design Department prepares all the details for the premise’s furnishing and decoration, always following the most up-to-date techniques of interior design. All the design details, such as lighting and colour scheme, are taken care of according to the client’s tastes and specifications.

As a result, all venues designed by Cavigar are exclusive and inimitable creations. The final outcome is a working environment consistent with the client’s requirements and business objectives by means of an innovative design whose value is bound to last a lifetime.

Practical advice from Cavigar

Aesthetic appeal and functionality

Whether your business premises are rented or owned ,it must be kept in mind that not all physical spaces are adapted to all kinds of furnishing and decorating .If you are still looking for premises plan out the concept of the shop carefully and contact Cavigar to verify whether or not that concept can be made concrete.

Thus you’ll save time and money on the realisation of your sales point. In designing and choosing the decor of your premises you will need to keep the needs of the type of clientele you are aiming at foremost: what are they looking? A glamorous setting? Tranquillity? Something romantic? Essentiality? Elegance? Luxury? However clear the concept of the premises may be, never forget that functionality must not be forgotten in the choice of décor for premises open to the public .For example; do you want to use a barrel as a table in order make your premises look like an antique inn?

Remember however that you will have to find matching stools that will fit, aesthetically and functionally, with that type of table. Illumination is a very important part of the furnishing of such premises, whether they be a restaurant, delicatessen, pastry shop or indeed any other commercial space: right from the start it is one of the fundamental aspects of the personality of the business. Soft lighting for premises with a more intimate atmosphere, strong colours for a younger clientele; it all depends on the décor and the concept that you intend to set up. Another aspect to consider is the colour tone of the lights you choose; this may seem less important, but, on the contrary, it can instead highlight the whole overall furnishing of the premises or, on the other hand lessen the impact of the aesthetic choices and the materials that the furnishings are made of. Brilliant white light is extremely appropriate in premises with strong colours, where tones of red and/or black predominate, while, if the premises are decorated in light or pastel colours a shade of light tending to a warmer yellow tint should be used.

A premises that aims to be sophisticated and elegant has to take into account the idea of using indirect suffused lighting , without , however, confusing this with an intimate space that has to have tenuous lighting; whereas an elegant space needs to be well lit . It must be remembered that the use of crystalware, table ware and napery are fully part of the furnishing of a sales point in the hospitality sector. Generally, in the furbishing of a shop, one needs to keep the golden rule “less is more” in mind, where by this phrase we mean following the guideline of not overloading the premises with concept items, colours or graphics beyond what is strictly necessary to give it personality: here is where consulting the Cavigar experts become essential. If secondary furnishing is used for the personnel these work areas must be kept separate from the rest of the decor, if not in another room, at least separated by movable partitions or folding screens. Essential advice to keep in mind while studying the furnishing of a shop, a bar, a restaurant or any sales point, because in a market that is ever more demanding it is indispensable, wherever possible to transmit a personality or a marked character to the Client .

That’s why Cavigar offers the added value of its competence and experience to help its clients to create premises that are “made to measure”, “customised” and “personalised”, thanks to the skill of its craftsmen, its care over details and the capacity to allow the client to visualise his/her ideas through images and 3D elaboration, the so-called render, even if only at the level of a preliminary study.


Creating a bar or a pub with live music is clearly an invitation to social interaction, while a rural environment recalls concepts like nature and simplicity, while public places with a high level of sophistication recall cosmopolitan life, like that in great cities like Paris or New York. A fundamental part of such style is transmitted by the decor, layout and design, an area made up of art, imagination and a wide range of techniques and that reaches specific commercial aims. Do you want premises that look antique? Then put up doors that are 15cm thick, rustic furniture, place candelabra around the room, old prints on the walls and use antiqued tables in the Italian arte povera style.


The materials that can be chosen for the furnishing now come in a wide range and are of very good quality. Naturally, since Cavigar was created as-.and continues to be.-. A craftsman’s business, it makes wood its primary preferred material. Its dutility and warmth, the thousands of possible applications the diverse origin types, make wood a primary princely material. However, technology today allows us to integrate wood with plastic, metals, and other materials able to decorate a sales point outlet in a personalised and original way, including the use of hangings and glass. The integration, as ever functional to the concept, of all these materials is comprised within Cavigar ‘s skills portfolio, where the planning technicians , the workshops and the craftsmen together as a team are able to offer our clients the Italian “know-how” that has made the entreprenurial experience of the company extraordinary.

Theme premises

Theme premises, in particular restaurants, are those in which the culinary arts are associated with a concept, an idea (a particular period of time, a sport, a style of music, a character or a film). This sector of the hospitality industry wants its clientele to have an experience that goes beyond simple cooking. It wants them to enjoy a fun, exotic, or cultural total experience that the client can immediately identify. Therefore, it is obvious that the decor associated with the experience takes on an accentuated starring role. A typical example is that of the Italian restaurant abroad, represented, besides by the cooking, by elements identifiable with Italian families: red and white checked tablecloths, prints showing monuments, the hanging of Italian flags, flasks of wine instead of bottles and so on. It is clear that personalising a commercial premises on a theme supposes an increased investment, linked the finding and the costs of original and/or vintage material.

However the habit of satisfying our clients’ needs has led to Cavigar being able to make furniture and furnishings, as well as decorations and wall hangings on themes: from Walt Disney to Hollywood, From the Fifties To the Wild West . If the entrepreneur has an idea, Cavigar is willing and able to help him/her to make that idea concrete making furnishings and décor on a theme.

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