Gelaterie e pasticcerie

Ice-cream “San Marco Eisboutique”, Rosenheim (Germany)

The following gallery shows some details of the furniture of the ice-cream shop “San Marco Eisboutique”, Rosenheim (Germany).


Achievements: Ice-cream & Pastry shop

  • Pastry shop Bisognin - Cologna Veneta (Vr)
  • Ice-cream shop Toldo - Lecco
  • Pastry shop Stofner - Bolzano (Bz)
  • Ice-cream “San Marco Eisboutique”, Rosenheim (Germany)
  • Pastry shop Le Sablon - Padova, Italy
  • Ice cream shop Sader - Lana (Bz)
  • Ofelleria/Pasticceria Perbellini - Bovolone (Vr)
  • Ice-cream shop Lekka Lekka - Asola (Mn)
  • Pastry shop Antica Dolceria - Brescia (Bs)
  • Ice-cream “Il Mustacchio”, Verona
  • Mupan - San Vigilio di Marebbe (Bz)
  • Ice cream shop “Creamy” - Brescia

Achievements: Gastronomy & Butcher's shop

  • Butcher's shop Azzoni - Pegognaga (Mn)
  • Gastronomy "Cavargna" - Malvaglia (Svizzera)
  • Butcher's shop Venturini (VR)
  • Macelleria salumeria gastronomia Turina - Curtatone (Mn)
  • Gastronomy Parma 1 - Savona
  • Poultry-shop and gastronomy Delon (Verona)
  • Gastronomy & catering "Dal Corso", Sommacampagna (Vr)
  • Gastronomy Manzoli - Bologna
  • Casa Rizzoli - Sustinente (Mn)

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